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Valentinecoin uses the most latest Blockchain software based on CryptoNote blockchain technology. True anonymous love currency.

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Valentinecoin is a cryptocurrency that you can mine easily with the Wallet app or external apps. It uses CryptoNight algorithm just like Monero.

You can hold VAY coins, or can spend it for little things. Because Valentinecoin is decentralized, you own it. Neither government nor bank has any control over it.

Key differences from other coins:
* The most latest blockchain software
* First Wallet-with supporting the newest blockchain technology
* Easy to mine
* Integration with Payment processors


Anonymous transactions

CryptoNote use a public address consisting of pseudorandom numbers and letters that is derived from user's public keys. Addresses serve as public IDs of the users. However, CryptoNote transactions hide the connection between the sender's and the receiver's addresses.

Double spending protection

The key idea is in using the image of the private key in signing/verification formulas. The key image cannot be used to derive the private key and public address, but since every key image spent is stored in the blockchain, the network will block any duplicates.

Egalitarian proof of work

The CryptoNote’s proof of work mechanism is actually a voting system where users vote for the right order of transactions, new features in the protocol and honest money supply distribution. It is important that during the voting process every participant have equal voting rights.



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